Capizate is the premier Due Diligence Financial Technology company serving Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and the Professional Investment Community.  Our proprietary scoring system predicts a company’s likely capitalization, ability to remain in business, and return of investment to shareholders with 3-4x more accuracy than traditional diligence models.   Capizate is the leading tool for Entrepreneurs preparing to raise capital and for Venture Capitalists, Family Offices, PE Funds, and Investment Banks looking to rapidly screen and prepare candidates for investment.

Solving The Diligence Dilemma

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


Limited Access Investment
Access to funds is restricted to well-connected networks and narrow industry focus


Lack of Uniform Quals Across PE
Entrepreneurs may need to present the same material in numerous different ways consuming time and assets


Incomplete Diligence Package
VC/PE firms may prioritize their own goals over the founder’s vision for the company, creating tension and potential conflicts


Lack of Evidence Based Outcomes
Difficult to imperially demonstrate forecast and outcomes

Professional Investment Community

(PE, VC, Family Office & Investment Banks)

Limited Pool of Investments
PE qualification/due diligence is so time consuming it limits the pool of potential investments


Limited Real Time Data
VC/PE's have limited access to data regarding on-going operations as well as admin/financial milestones


Lack of Standardized Data
Enterprises do not record, analyze or display data in a uniform method or easy evaluation


Segment / Industry Lock
Inability to triage/analyze across multiple segments due to lack of SMEs and Assets


As a Founder, I can confidently say that Capizate has been a game-changer for my business. The platform's thorough evaluation process helped me identify areas of improvement and gave me a clear road map.Capizate Score certification not only gave me a sense of accomplishment but also significantly streamlined the due diligence and transaction processes, making it easier for me to attract strategic and capital partners. With Capizate's help, I was able to maintain my company's capital and transaction readiness, paving the way for an optimized growth journey and exit. I highly recommend Capizate to fellow Founders looking to take their business to the next level.
Ron Berman
Founder, 21Rocs
Multiple Exits in the beverage space & Creator of Children's Beverage Packages
Capizate is an extremely valuable tool in leading founders and executive teams through a process to assess their business and to help plan a clear road map for success. The level of preparation and the data room completeness required for a 925+ Capizate Score and certification greatly streamlines the due diligence and transaction processes by reducing friction and expediting information sharing and communications critical in attracting strategic and capital partners. Once passing through this "ring of fire" organizations can efficiently maintain their capital and transaction readiness for an optimized growth journey and exit.
Robert Sigler
Co-Founder, Global Trust Group
Sophisticated Early-Stage Investor

What's Your
Capizate Score?

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Capizate serves the private capital market segment of the business finance sector by applying a proven, analytic and objective process to identify the most relevant and high value attributes of potentially successful enterprises, thereby saving time and money by managing investment risk in privately and public alternative speculative market held enterprises.

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner looking to prepare for Diligence, or an Investment Fund looking to improve your rates of return, click “Get Started” to find out more about how Capizate can serve you.


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