Revolutionizing Early-Stage Investment Decision Making.

Capizate is a cutting edge FinTech firm specializing in investor research tools for the early stage investment community. Capizate's evidence-based scoring system evaluates early stage companies seeking capital and assigns them a score based more than 300 specific attributes. Companies with a score of 925 and above have demonstrated an average return of four times multiple of investment, while mitigating investment failure to just 16% versus a nationwide average of 90%.

  • Capizate's mission is to become the trusted source for vetted and curated private market deal flow.

  • Capizate is revolutionizing early-stage investing, offering access to exciting opportunities at the ground-floor level.

  • Our platform offers a data-driven alternative to traditional venture capital and crowdfunding platforms by leveraging a proprietary scoring system that reduces failure rates from 90% to 16% and delivers 4x average return on investment (ROI).

  • Capizate connects entrepreneurs and investors in a merit-based fashion, free from the influence of momentum and connections that plague crowd-funding and traditional venture capital models.

  • Capizate provides investors with real-time updates on critical elements and changes in the enterprises in which they have invested, whereas traditional venture capital investment and crowd funding platforms provide little to no routinized monitoring capabilities.

What's Your Company's Capizate Score?

Capizate identifies start-ups, early stage and growth enterprises with unique opportunities for success based on analysis and an assessment utilizing an exhaustive due diligence process normally only applied to more mature companies seeking capital and expansion.

The end result of the due diligence process is known as a Capizate Score™Our Capizate Score™ process is a proprietary system developed over years of research to evaluate the viability of a business and determine the readiness for capital of any type.

The highest Capizate Score™ a company can ultimately achieve is 925. Feasibility of success begins at a Capizate Score™ of 925

The Capizate Score™ Process Includes 2 Levels of Diligence and Analysis


Situation Analysis

  • Estimated Capizate Score™
  • Identify Capital Type(s)
  • Confirmation of information and documents submitted
  • Draft 1-page tear sheet identifying the potential transaction

Detailed Capizate Score™Assessment

  • Identifies and verifies 334 attributes of a well vetted concern
  • Confirmation and citing of all assumptions
  • Validation of claims and research
  • Forensic analysis on documents required for capital types identified
  • 30-40 page detailed due diligence report

Compelling Initiatives

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