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and/or Subject Matter Expert

Find an Advisor and/or Subject Matter Expert to help you with Underwriting (debt) – Due Diligence (Equity) – Capizate Score tm – Valuations – Business Finance Documents

A Capizate Advisor and/or Subject Matter Expert can help you:
            1) Secure funding and grow a successful business
            2) Use the Capizate Due Diligence System to prepare for investors
            3) Gain access to popular funding platforms such as Dealmaker, StartEngine,
                 Wefundng, and Chain Raise.

Find an Advisor and/or Subject Matter Expert to help you with:
1) Underwriting (debt)
Prepare your business and documents to secure debt financing.
2) Due Diligence (Equity)
Prepare your business and documents to secure equity investment in your company.
3) Capizate Score™
Obtain a Capizate Score to demonstrate to investors you are “Investor Ready” and attract investors to invest in your business.
4) Valuations
Obtain a professional valuation opinion of your business.
5) Business Finance Documents
Get help preparing your business finance documents.

Services Provided by Capizate:
1. Capital Market Services. Our primary purpose is to serve the capital market with business finance document back-office services such as business valuation, feasibility studies, market research analysis, underwriting and due diligence services. Our target market is high net worth individuals, family offices, VC’s, IB’s and LP’s & Broker-dealers with assets under management of less than $1B that justifies outsourcing the services we provide

2. Consultant Support Services. We Train, Certify & Educate Licensed Capizate Advisors & Subject Matter Experts. We serve the business finance consulting community with underwriting, due diligence, consulting, templates, due diligence processes and back-office support.

3. SME Services. We serve Small to Medium Enterprises in all stages of development, and we are agnostic to industry, sector, and subsector. We provide business plans, pro forma forecasting, valuations, and presentation decks. Through a 7-step process we define which of eighty-four capital types is most probable, prepare business finance documents, capital formation documentation, M & A preparation, start-up check lists, investor relations, video production services, due diligence prep and consulting services. We also manage Client virtual data rooms.

The Capizate Score™ is our proprietary due diligence scoring system. It is the first evidence-based predictive measure of a company’s ability to return capital to its investors.

• Based on 334 Attributes of Due Diligence (App-based subjective & objective)
          o Fifteen Year study of 1600+ companies hired by our Licensed Advisors
          o Scientific White Paper Detailing Methodology
          o 925+ Score outperforms VC historic averages with 3-4X ROI
• Since 2008, companies that score 925 or higher (out of 1,000) have achieved the “Trifecta” - Investment Fulfillment, staying in business, and repaying lender / investors 78% of the time.

The 925 Fund is an initiative of Capizate Inc. Enterprises seeking capital are often preparing for Regulation A+, Regulation D 506 (c) & (b), and Regulation Crowdfunding. Capizate Manages the investor relations for the enterprise. In these cases, the average total cost is $100,000 (Documentation, preparation, video production, filing fees, compliance, legal and investor marketing campaigns). The 925 Fund seeks investors that will provide the $100,000 per client to cover the costs. In consideration of such an investment, the Investor is the first paid from the capital raise with a 20% return, plus earns equity in the offering.

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Licensed Advisors

The list below includes our top 50 Licensed Advisors of Capizate. They are authorized to facilitate the Capizate 7-Step process. Those with an asterisk(*) have passed the Capizate ScoreTM 40-Hour Certification course within the past 24 Months. Those with a Plus(+) are authorized to train Advisors. Since 2008, nearly 500 advisors have participated in the training process. This list is limited to the top 50 with current standing and an active agreement with Capizate. This list is effective Monday, June 19, 2023.

1. Adon Navarette
2. Alfiya Zukerman
3. *Autumn Ponder
4. Benjamin Chung
5. Benjamin Kromnick
6. Bernard (Bernie) Maner
7. *Bill Murray
8. Bob Wengert
9. Buck Vaughn
10. +Charles Fite
11. Chris Sloan
12. *Clinton Smith
13. Derek Thomas
14. Donald Min
15. *Fred Young
16. Gary Cramer
17. *Gary Grossman
18. *Gary Grynkewich
19. *Gavin West
20. James Farren
21. Jason Kuntz
22. John Hill
23. John James
24. Judy Li Chang

  1. *Laura Duong
  2. Leslie Bocskor
  3. +Leslye Noel Galati
  4. *Logan Paull
  5. *Madeline Ross
  6. *Madelon S. Choice
  7. Marcus Martinez
  8. Michael D. Park
  9. *Mike Assum
  10. Myron Lizer
  11. *Nicole Keil
  12. Patrick Szydlik
  13. *Perky Ujazdowski
  14. *Peter Knudsen
  15. *Phil Pereda
  16. *Richard Kern
  17. Rob Lundstrom
  18. Robert Sigler
  19. Robert Steven Kramarz
  20. Ronald Fichera
  21. *Sarah Nishimoto
  22. Sha Jin
  23. *Steve Young
  24. +Tony Drexel Smith
  25. William ..Dock.. Walls


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