• Capizate: Supporting Entrepreneurs and Connecting Investors for Collaborative Growth

  • Welcome to CAPIZATE, a fintech company dedicated to revolutionizing early-stage investing by providing personalized support and fostering strong relationships with founders, helping them prepare for funding rounds and get their businesses off the ground.

  • CAPIZATE is a FINTECH that combines business finance documentation preparation and due diligence in a comprehensive deliverable known as the Certified Business Plan™ (CBP™)

  • The CBP™ is a system that has resulted of a 13-year study of more than 400 engaged companies

  • The CBP™ allows the most complicated process in financial markets to be simplified through its user-friendly application

  • CAPIZATE earns royalties for its SaaS sales, and long-term residual income is earned from monthly Blockchain subscriptions and exits by its clients

  • The Smart Contracts portion of the CBP™ manage transaction protocols for the ongoing maintenance of enterprise documentation (for example, when a quarterly financial statement is due, our system will flag it

What's Your Company's Capizate Score?

Capizate identifies start-ups, early stage and growth enterprises with unique opportunities for success based on analysis and an assessment utilizing an exhaustive due diligence process normally only applied to more mature companies seeking capital and expansion.

The end result of the due diligence process is known as a Capizate Score™Our Capizate Score™ process is a proprietary system developed over years of research to evaluate the viability of a business and determine the readiness for capital of any type.

The highest Capizate Score™ a company can ultimately achieve is 925. Feasibility of success begins at a Capizate Score™ of 925

The Capizate Score™ Process Includes 2 Levels of Diligence and Analysis


Situation Analysis

  • Estimated Capizate Score™
  • Identify Capital Type(s)
  • Confirmation of information and documents submitted
  • Draft 1-page tear sheet identifying the potential transaction

Detailed Capizate Score™Assessment

  • Identifies and verifies 334 attributes of a well vetted concern
  • Confirmation and citing of all assumptions
  • Validation of claims and research
  • Forensic analysis on documents required for capital types identified
  • 30-40 page detailed due diligence report

Compelling Initiatives

Capizate's Criteria & Strategy

Start-up Initiatives

• For enterprises less than 2-years since inception
• Minimum Capizate Score™ of 750
• Capizate funds early seed capital between $25,000, up to $500,000
• Bridge loans must be in the form of a convertible note at 13% minimum coupon
• Equity conversion discount minimum of 25% with a target of 40% to published price of future equity sell to third
• Use of funds should include proof of concept and post revenue completion
• Enterprise MUST be engaged, or in process of engaging capital raise initiative with either a private lender,
private investor, Title III CF funding portal, or Regulation A+ platform.
• Use of capital funds MUST include costs related to the 2nd tranche capital raise

Growth Initiatives

• For enterprises at least 2-years since inception
• Minimum Capizate Score™ of 850
• Post revenue, post proof of concept
• Debt at least 12% with short terms of 6-24 months
• Average equity investment of 5% ownership for 5% of total capital raise goal. For example, enterprise is raising
$5 Million, a $250,000 cash equity by Capizate investment buys, on average, a 5% equity stake in the company.
• Enterprise MUST be engaged, or in process of engaging capital raise initiative with either a broker dealer,
private equity bank, venture capitalist, Title III CF funding portal, or Regulation A+ platform.
• Use of capital funds MUST include costs related to the larger capital raise
• Exit strategy MUST be clear: Defined distribution plan or IPO, or secondary market for equity selloff
• Investment range is $100,000 to $2.5 Million

Merger & Acquisition Initiatives

• For enterprises at least 1-year since inception
• Minimum Capizate Score™ of 925
• Post proof of concept
• Target enterprise business model MUST be in alignment with strategic initiatives of Capizate (Technology that
supports Capizate or its invested enterprises); or sustainable energy; or real estate related; or transportation; or


Blockchain Consulting

The Capizate team can also help your business with any Blockchain and Smart Contract needs.
Capizate helps new and existing businesses develop growth strategies through the use of blockchain technologies and smart contracts. We give advice about developing and implementing key blockchain strategies that can optimize business efficiency. We begin by analyzing the effect blockchain and smart contracts could have on your company, then help develop a plan for implementing it. We explore plan requirements, identify potential problems, and participate in ongoing conversations with your business managers about creating solutions.
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