We Provide Services to Three Distinct Clients


Capital Market Services

We serve the capital market with business finance document back-office services such as business valuation, feasibility studies, market research analysis, underwriting and due diligence services.

Consultant Support Services

We Train, Certify & Educate Licensed Capizate Advisors & Subject Matter Experts. We serve the business finance consulting community with underwriting, due diligence, consulting, templates, due diligence processes and back-office support.

SME Services

We serve Small to Medium Enterprises in all stages of development, and we are agnostic to industry, sector, and subsector. We provide business plans, pro forma forecasting, valuations, and presentation decks.

What's Your Company's Capizate Score?

The Capizate Score™ is our proprietary due diligence financial strength scoring system for an organization. It is the first evidence-based, predictive measure of a company’s ability to return capital to its investors.

Capizate identifies start-ups, early stage and growth enterprises with unique opportunities for success based on analysis and an assessment utilizing an exhaustive due diligence process normally only applied to more mature companies seeking capital and expansion.

The end result of the due diligence process is known as a Capizate Score™Our Capizate Score™ process is a proprietary system developed over years of research to evaluate the viability of a business and determine the readiness for capital of any type.

The highest Capizate Score™ a company can ultimately achieve is 925. Feasibility of success begins at a Capizate Score™ of 925

  • Based on 334 Attributes of Due Diligence (App-based subjective & objective)
  • Fifteen Year study of 1600+ companies hired by our Licensed Advisors
  • Scientific White Paper Detailing Methodology
  • 925+ Score outperforms VC historic averages with 3-4X ROI
  • Since 2008, companies that score 925 or higher (out of 1,000) have achieved the “Trifecta” - Investment Fulfillment, staying in business, and repaying lender / investors 78% of the time.

The Capizate Score™ Process Includes 2 Levels of Diligence and Analysis


Situation Analysis

  • Estimated Capizate Score™
  • Identify Capital Type(s)
  • Confirmation of information and documents submitted
  • Draft 1-page tear sheet identifying the potential transaction

Detailed Capizate Score™Assessment

  • Identifies and verifies 334 attributes of a well vetted concern
  • Confirmation and citing of all assumptions
  • Validation of claims and research
  • Forensic analysis on documents required for capital types identified
  • 30-40 page detailed due diligence report
As a Founder, I can confidently say that Capizate has been a game-changer for my business. The platform's thorough evaluation process helped me identify areas of improvement and gave me a clear road map.Capizate Score certification not only gave me a sense of accomplishment but also significantly streamlined the due diligence and transaction processes, making it easier for me to attract strategic and capital partners. With Capizate's help, I was able to maintain my company's capital and transaction readiness, paving the way for an optimized growth journey and exit. I highly recommend Capizate to fellow Founders looking to take their business to the next level.
Ron Berman
Founder, 21Rocs
Multiple Exits in the beverage space & Creator of Children's Beverage Packages
Capizate is an extremely valuable tool in leading founders and executive teams through a process to assess their business and to help plan a clear road map for success. The level of preparation and the data room completeness required for a 925+ Capizate Score and certification greatly streamlines the due diligence and transaction processes by reducing friction and expediting information sharing and communications critical in attracting strategic and capital partners. Once passing through this "ring of fire" organizations can efficiently maintain their capital and transaction readiness for an optimized growth journey and exit.
Robert Sigler
Co-Founder, Global Trust Group
Sophisticated Early-Stage Investor

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner looking to prepare for Diligence, or an Investment Fund looking to improve your rates of return, click “Get Started” to find out more about how Capizate can serve you.


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