Identify the Right Type of Capital for Your Business by Measuring its Capizate Score™


Process & Services


 Capizate clients, as part of our service packages, will review their company and will assign an initial Capizate Score™  This Capizate Score™ will then be the basis of what we will build off of.  The goal is to get your company to a Capizate Score™ of at least 925.  Once we get your company to that score, or higher, we will then be able to share your company with our capital partners.  By taking this approach, your company is more likely to get the funding it needs and will additionally be far more prepared to succeed.  See more on this below.

Some of those services your company may or may not need are the following:

• Business Plan
• 1-Page Tear Sheet
• Executive Summary
• Presentation Deck
• Business Model Canvas
• Summary of products & services
• Projections, forecasts, Pro forma
• Use & Amount of funds
• Current balance sheet
• Current profit & loss statement
• Current cash flow report
• Business valuation
• Summary of all current debt
• Aging report
• Two years of business tax returns
• R & D, drawing, engineering, 3D
• Market research feasibility report
• Leadership team bios/resumes
• Intellectual property documentation
• Offering docs (circular/ PPM)
• Link to a virtual data room
• References, citations, and annotations
• Corporate video
• Website Creation or Review
• Capital Type Identified
• Documents For Capital Type completed
• Due Diligence Report Final
• Identify Capital Audience
• Confirm Capital Audience Interest

Capizate can help you with all of these documents and services.

Capizate is a fintech back office support system that serves both the enterprises seeking capital and the capital marketplace. Specifically, Capizate has designed a fintech to service as the document manager for family offices, angel networks, web-based capital platforms, high net work individuals, broker dealers, private equity bankers and venture capitalists. In this way, Capizate serves as a compliant, professional, timely, and experienced due diligence firm that delivers confidence to investors and lenders that when Capizate endorses a project, it is sound. The backbone of the fintech is the Capizate proprietary Capizate Score™ that confirms enterprise qualification and capital type.

Capizate is a sales and affiliate management firm. We are a highly-organized network of capital market advisors, networkers, attorneys, accountants, service providers, and consultants. They have developed a sophisticated CRM with APIs linked to automation that coordinates contracts, payment systems (client fees inbound and advisor fees outbound), project management and communications.

We are an investor relations and marketing firm with multiple technologies and entities that are focused on matching enterprises with capital.

It is our intention to set an expectation that their model is highly unique and unlike any other in the capital marketplace. The focus is 4 specific deliverables:


Type of Capital Identified

Are you seeking the right type of capital for your situation?
Capizate solves that question for a nominal fee. We have identified 55 different capital types based on specific timing and situations.


Do you have the right documents for that capital type?
When contracted, Capizate will complete the required documents to support the most appropriate capital formation plan.


Are you marketing the correct, compliant documents to the right audience?

Capizate has a marketing program designed to promote qualified projects to the correct audience for a monthly investor relations fee.



Have you confirmed the marketed audience has available capital?

Capizate will confirm with identified capital providers to ensure they have dry powder to invest or lend in support of your self-directed capital raise, or in support of your engagement with a funding platform, securities firm or broker-dealer.

Why Is Your Company's  Capizate Score™ Important?

The Capizate Score™ is needed in the business finance community to serve as a standardized tool for determining:

  • Eligibility for Capitalization

    Is the business ready for the capitalization it is seeking?

  • Identifies Business Continuity and Integrity

    How strong is the company and its' management?

  • Defines the Most Appropriate Capital Type

    With so many type of capital out there, this process helps identify which will be the best one for the subject company

  • Objective and Subjective Review of All 333 Attributes of a Business

    Involves an exhaustive analyses of 333 attributes of a company in order to create the score

  • It is Stage of Development, Industry, Capital Type and Company Size Agnostic

    This process and scoring works for any type of company at any stage of development

  • Defines Document Support Required Based on Capital Type

    Determines the right types of documentation needed based on the type of capital being sought

  • Serves As a Master Due Diligence Management Service

    By going though the Capizate Scoring process, this covers every aspect of an expert level due diligence search needed

Proven Model


The Capizate Score™, Situation Analysis, Transaction Analysis, Full Prime Package has been tested on more than 400
companies. Enterprises that have raised capital successfully have the following commonalities:

  • Right Type of Capital For Their Stage of Development

  • Ability to Repay

  • Created Documentation that Speaks to the Correct Capital

  • Earned a minimum of 925 points out of the 1000 points possible in our Capizate Score™

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner looking to prepare for Diligence, or an Investment Fund looking to improve your rates of return, click “Get Started” to find out more about how Capizate can serve you.


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