Our Mission

We serve the private capital
market segment of the business
finance sector by applying a
proven, analytic and objective
process to identify the most
relevant and high value attributes
of potentially successful
enterprises, thereby saving time
and money by managing
investment risk in privately and
public alternative speculative
market held enterprises.


  • There are 550,000 startups created in America per year.
  • 26% of businesses fail 26% in their first
    year, and only 48% make it to the fifth year.
  • There is no industry standard to qualify companies for capital and mitigate risk.
  • There are 800,000 business consultants in America alone, plus the international market of consultants, all of whom need a standard- ized tool to define business opportunities worthy of capital in a consistent presentation and format


  • Capizate along with The Capizate Score™  is the first and only business finance document company to combine researched Fintech, Blockchain, and SaaS to confirm and track the current and continual health of an enterprise for risk mitigation.
  • Capizate is a proven Fintech company backed by a 13-year study of 400 engaged projects.

Business Model

  • Sells and Conducts Certification Courses
  • Certifies the Work Product of its Members
  • Provides Continuing Education
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) - Members Pay
    Monthly Subscription Fee for Access to The
    Capizate Score™
  • Blockchain Verification Services
  • Certified Members
  • Smart Contract Management
  • Document Maintenance, Compliance
    Validation, and Notification Services

industry sector

NAICS Code 541611

Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Providing operating advice on administrative management issues, such as:

  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Equity and asset management
  • Records management
  • Office planning
  • Strategic and organizational planning
  • Site selection
  • New business startup
  • Business process improvement

NAICS Code 813910

Business Associations

Promoting the business interests of their members. May conduct:

  • Research on new products and services
  • Develop market statistics
  • Sponsor quality and certification standards
  • Lobby public officials
  • Publish newsletters, books, or periodicals for distribution to their members



Brittany Kern

Co-Founder, President, Director


Tony Drexel Smith

Chief Consultant

  • 15+ years as an entrepreneur with current focus running numerous operations for the Kern Family Trust
  • Solid formal education combined with large corporate, laboratory, agriculture industry
    management, and officer experience
  • Currently Manager of Beulah Valley Farms (commercial cultivation and manufacturing facility)
  • Previously Manager of Clinical Laboratory Associates
  • Previously Manager of ARVIDA Corporation (major commercial developer)
  • For 26 years, Tony Drexel Smith has served small to medium enterprise (SME) business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and the business capital community by being an intermediary that specializes in developing and executing professional-grade business finance documentation and valuations.
  • He led the research of the Certified Business Plan and Capizate Score™ from 2008 to 2021.
  • Tony has heard more than 10,000 elevator pitches and have been engaged with more than 1,400 enterprises since 1995 as a business consultant, and developer of business finance documentation.
  • Smith has authored numerous business-related publications including The Certified Business Plan in 2021, The Essential Handbook for Small Businesses ISBN# 978-0-9840365-0-9 in 2011. The Business Development Directory in 2008 with the federally funded Workforce Investment Board. He also wrote and published the CBP Score™ White Paper in January 2018.
  • Smith is a Veteran of Foreign Wars, USMC.
  • He graduated from the University of La Verne with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration Cum Laude. He has also completed more than a dozen professional licenses and certificates (IAM Seminars, Klemmer and Associates, Institute of Business Appraisers, CA Real Estate License, CA Department of Insurance, Finance Industry Regulatory Authority (Series 6, 63, 82 and the 2019 new SIE exam).

the certified business plan™

  • The business and its products or services fill a gap, a void, or a need within a market; often referred to as the value proposition (why);

  • A clearly defined product or service (what);

  • Timing in alignment with market acceptance, market demand, along with micro and macro-economic factors (when);

  • A defined business finance audience with the right level of suitability, risk tolerance and availability of capital led by an experienced team with a verifiable track record (who);

  • A process by which to follow the guidance of trained professionals that will implement legal, accounting, proof of concept, finance, documents, management and technology to operate the business (how);

  • Proper due diligence, research, and presentation materials, prepared for the right audience;

  • "Luck" - or some manifestation of tipping points that may include the law of attraction, prayer, meditation, or some connection to the universe that will align the stars of prosperity;

  • All 334 attributes have been addressed;

  • References, citations, footnotes along with a bibliography have been provided for substantive claims made by the enterprise;

  • A Capizate Score™ of at least 925;

  • If the enterprise has been in operation for more than 12 months, current financial statements and tax returns, prepared by a professional (accountant or CPA), must be included to become vetted. If a startup or an enterprise that has been in operation less than 12 months, then no financial statements or tax returns will be required to become "vetted";

  • The supporting documents identified within the Capizate evaluation process have been completed, which include these 11 documents:
    • Situation Analysis™
    • 1-Page Tear Sheet
    • Business Model Canvas
    • Transaction Analysis™
    • Capizate Score™
    • Market Feasibility Study
    • Due Diligence Punchlist
    • Pro forma Forecast
    • Business Valuation
    • Capitalization Plan
    • Presentation Deck

  • A Blockchain verified registry key number that validates the completion of the Transaction Analysis™ with a Capizate Score™ of 925, or higher, which means it is capital ready.

the certified business plan™ Blockchain Model

  • Registration. Clients registered on the Blockchain pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • Trust. Blockchain creates trust between different entities where trust is either nonexistent or unproven. For investors, lenders, consultants, shareholders and clients, the Blockchain allows users to confirm current documentation and CAPIZATE data that the company is healthy and current in its business finance documentation.
  • Decentralized Structure. Blockchain enables sharing of data within an ecosystem of businesses where no single entity is exclusively in charge. In this way, no one entity, user, client, shareholder, or even controls the data and trust is CAPIZATE developed.
  • Improved Security and Privacy. Creates an unalterable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption, which shuts out fraud and unauthorized activity. Protection is provided by the "Registry Key" that confirms the Enterprise CBP Score™ which
    cannot be changed or manipulated after it is issued.
  • Reduced Costs. Blockchain's nature also can cut costs for organizations. It creates efficiencies in processing transactions. It also reduces manual tasks such as aggregating and amending data, as well as easing reporting and auditing processes.
  • Speed. By eliminating intermediaries, as well as replacing remaining manual processes in transactions, Blockchain can handle transactions significantly faster than conventional methods. In some cases, blockchain can handle a transaction in
    seconds or less.
  • Visibility and Traceability. It includes the ability to trace a source document, determine the authenticity of the company's
  • Immutability. Immutability simply means that transactions, once recorded on the Blockchain, can't be changed or deleted.


Corporate Offices

8400 W. Sunset Rd #300
Las Vegas, Nevada 89113