Professional Investment

(PE, VC, Family Office, Investment Banks)

A Decade of Quantitative / Evidence Based Analysis

Developed over a decade of due diligence and research, Capizate’s analysis of over 300 individual company attributes can predict investment success [3x-4x] more accurately than traditional diligence methodology.


Standardizing Entrepreneur and Business Documentation Submissions

Capizate represents a quantum leap in preparing Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to receive your investment. The Capizate Score™ allows you to make “apples to apples” comparisons across numerous industries. Standardized documentation and ratings allow you to rapidly compare opportunities, thereby opening the top of your funnel and resulting in a better overall ROI with fewer failures to return.


Lifecycle Management of your Investment

Capizate provides support to both the Investor and Entrepreneurs for the company’s entire lifecycle. Once you choose to make an investment, Capizate will ensure that you receive routine, detailed updates through our Sustained Diligence™ services. The Vendor Marketplace, coupled with our extensive data collection and analytics, allows us to predict company scaling needs and introduce them to the right software, logistics, and management solutions that are designed to seamlessly support eventual acquisition or IPO.



Capizate serves as your trusted diligence partner through the Dual Diligence™ process. Dual Diligence™ starts with a Rapid Investment Assessment™ (RIA) allowing you to get an estimated Capizate Score™ within 5 business days. The RIA consists of an estimated Score based on all documentation submitted by candidate companies as well as an Opportunity Summary tailored to the specific needs of your Fund / Investment Committee. The industry agnostic score allows “apples to apples” comparisons across the entire economy and facilitates rapid prioritization for further analysis in preparation of capital deployment.


Capizate then provides a detailed full score and advisory services for your prioritized candidates ensuring they have 100% admirative, legal, compliance, financial, and scaling readiness needed for you to invest. A Capizate Score™ of 925+ indicates a near 80% likelihood of capitalization, 5-year sustained operations, and average ROI of 3-4x, dramatically outperforming historic fund averages.


Sustained Diligence allows you to manage your investment through routine reporting, alerts, and updates on all substantive changes in company financials. 

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner looking to prepare for Diligence, or an Investment Fund looking to improve your rates of return, click “Get Started” to find out more about how Capizate can serve you.


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