Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


A Decade of Quantitative / Evidence Based Analysis

Developed over a decade of due diligence and research, CAPIZATE INC.’s analysis of over 300 individual company attributes can predict investment success [3x-4x] more accurately than traditional VC firms.


Connecting Entrepreneurs & the Investment Community

Our AI-powered platform automates proprietary evidence-based consulting
methodology and connects entrepreneurs seeking capital to investors and lenders seeking qualified deal flow; while providing a data-driven approach to discovering, qualifying, and funding early-stage companies in private markets.


Professionalizing the Entrepreneurial Path to Commercialization

CAPIZATE, INC. represents a quantum leap in entrepreneurial
preparation to enter Capital Markets. The vendor & referral marketplace
provide everything an entrepreneur needs to successfully recruit

Step 1:


Situation Analysis

Initial Assessment based on company’s current situation that identifies of all areas to address prior to capital recruitment. You receive an estimated Capizate Score based on a review of all documents provided to Capizate as well as a Capitalization Plan to address all noted deficiencies.

Step 2:


Based on the Situation Analysis, Match2Capital provides a capital type and feasibility score and allows clients to pay for introductions to vetted capital sources, brokers, vendors, and other needed support services. Our vendor marketplace and document library allow customers to develop needed products on their own or continue on to a full Capizate Score.

Step 3:


Full Score & Advisory Services

Based on a detailed analysis of all 334 company attributes and benchmarked against over 10 years and thousands of clients, the Capizate Score™ is a predictive analytical tool that provides entrepreneurs and investors a high-reliability indicator of profitability and includes comprehensive analysis, detailed report, and management of document data rooms for investor diligence confirmation.

Step 4:


Quarterly automated update for both Entrepreneur and Investor(s) detailing material changes to diligence items. Data aggregation from various state, federal, and private databases. Sustained Diligence provides an updated score and notification of substantive  changes to the company’s diligence profile.


Whether you are an Entrepreneur or Business Owner looking to prepare for Diligence, or an Investment Fund looking to improve your rates of return, click “Get Started” to find out more about how Capizate can serve you.


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